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Tyulbashev S. Director of PRAO ASC LPI +7(4967) 31-80-51, 31-80-53
Chashey I. Deputy Director for research +7(4967) 31-81-11
Oreshko V. Deputy Director for technical issues +7(4967) 31-80-54
Chigvintsev S. Deputy Director for general issues +7(4967) 31-80-72
Izvekova V. Office of the registrar +7(4967) 31-80-25

Extragalactic Radioastronomy Department
Ground-Space Radio Interferometry Department
Radiospectroscopy Department
Plasma Astrophysics Department
Pulsar Astrometry Department

Science Research Automation Laboratory
Development Laboratory of new r/a system in meter-wave diapazone
Meter Waves Radiotelescopes Laboratory
Laboratory of Radio Astronomy Equipment
Computing and Networks Laboratory